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  • Rex700

    I know this is not going to cut it for real but i just share my stuff here. NMT (Neon Mixtape Tour) new zombie ideas and JM (Jurassic Marsh) new dinosaur ideas. No new zombies for JM. (Feel free to comment.)

    (All zombies are level 4.)

    • Takes 20 hits
    • Shares Jam with Gargantuar
    • Speed: Without jam same as regular zombie, with jam same as zombie chicken
    • When jam plays, becomes as fast as a zombie chicken and flings plants with guitar. Guitar can fling plants into random squares and replace plants with the flung plant if there are any.

    • Takes 24 hits
    • Shares Jam with Glitter Zombie
    • Speed: 3 seconds per square, when jam plays stops to take pictures
    • When Jam plays, can take pictures of the glitter zombie which makes her invincible for 10 seconds and can also…

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  • Rex700

    New world idea

    November 16, 2015 by Rex700

    I have a new world idea that is a world that takes place in the age of magic, year 7777.

    It is called "Fantasia". There are 30 days total.

    Environment modificators;

    • Magic boxes; These boxes act like gravestones but take less hits to kill (24). When a zombie enters a square with them, they activate special abilities;
    • Part 1 Magic boxes;
      • Invincibility; Turns the zombie invincible for 10 seconds.
      • Magic; when the affected zombie is in the lawn, it has the ability to make plants disappear for 5 seconds every once a while. Also makes zombie twice as slow. Disappeared plants will not appear if a plant is planted over the square where the disappeared plant was in.
      • Deflection; Makes the zombie who stepped on it capable of deflecting random attacks from an…
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  • Rex700

    Want to see it? click here!

    I know the gianut and zomplant is from pvzcc but nobody cares to steal them, and i just referenced them. Feel free to tell me your opinion.

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  • Rex700

    The most annoying enemy in the game in my opinion is not a zombie at all. It is in fact, a plant;

    The kernel-pult from i zombie endless.

    These guys are just ANNOYING. Their butter attack will just eat your zombies alive, and they throw butter almost EVERYTIME. While you may think " well they dont always throw butter!" yeah, nearly every time it throws butter. And they even somtimes come in numbers of 2 or 3 along with powerful plants like split peas and repeaters just to piss you off even more. In fact i sometimes use up all my sun just to get rid of a lane with 3 of them, a split pea, and a snow pea. Just try it. TRY IT. If you havent tried it, YOU HAVE NO IDEA. I repeat, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

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  • Rex700

    What plants do you think is the most useless plant ever? I think the most useless plant is the hypno shroom. It looks beautiful and has a seemingly good effect, but it just doesen't work against the strongest zombies in the game. Which is the gargantuar and zomboni. Also it is only excellent against small amounts of footballs and dancers. It also works against jacks, but you may need some luck.Overall it is too specialized to make work.

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