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  • RetroNash

    Hey everyone,

    So we all know about the upcoming world Jurassic Marsh, right? Well it seems like the next world will be called "Modern Day" for now. Judging by the name and what the description says about the world, it looks like this will be the final world for Plants vs Zombies 2.   :( 

    Currently, the description for the Pinata Party previews has already been decided on:

    "It's a time-shredding return to the present!" "Sneak a peek at the Modern Day in today's Pinata Party." 

    What do you guys think? How do you guys feel about the two year road of Plants vs Zombies 2 coming to an end?

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  • RetroNash

    Love is in the air....

    February 21, 2015 by RetroNash

    So, this might be a little bit late but during Valenbrainz, Popcap had released a picture of plant couples for Plants vs Zombies 2.

    What do you guys think?

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  • RetroNash

    Hello everyone,

    So I have decided to create a series of pages under 'Plants vs Zombie: Garden Warfare Tips & Advices'.

    I plan on making a page per class which will be open to the entire wiki to add their tips and advices. This way, veterans can contribute and learn some tips for characters they aren't so good at. Newcomers can also learn valuable tips.

    What do you guys think? Will you guys support me if I decide to do them?

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  • RetroNash

    Hi everyone,

    Popcap have just announced some Christmas content for Plant vs. Zombies Garden Warfare! In the new Christmas Feastivus DLC, players can retrieve special Christmas packs everyday between December 1(Out now!!!!)- December 25 (Similar to the Trick or Treat DLC). Just like the Trick or Treat DLC, this DLC seems to contain lots of Christmas-themed customization options which from this promotional image include a:

    • Foot Soldier present and Christmas hat.
    • Peashooter Christmas hat and stocking organics.
    • Scientist Christmas elf hat and what looks to be Christmas light eyes.
    • All-Star Wacky goggles (I think this was featured in the recent Stunner Pack) and Christmas hat
    •  Sunflower Green spiky glasses and sunny Christmas hat.
    • Cactus Christmas hat…
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  • RetroNash

    Popcap has very recently released some information about an upcoming DLC for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare called the 'Legends of the Lawn DLC'. Here are some of the features which would come in the DLC:

    • The return of the Gardens and Graveyards map, Main Street from having fixes
    • Cyborg Plasma Pea - Peashooter variant (Probably a reskin of the Plasma Pea)
    • Chomp Thing - Chomper variant which heals faster
    • Jade Cactus - Cactus variant which is slow but has high health and shoots explosive ammo
    • Centurion - Foot Soldier variant which is a single shot fire type 
    • Sanitation Expert - Engineer variant which is a toxic type
    • Golf Star- All-Star variant which is rapid fire, sniper of the All-Star group
    • Paleontologist - Scientist variant which is fire type …

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