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aka a Grave-buster

  • I live in In a garden in Connecticut
  • My occupation is Defeating Zombies
  • I am Male
  • RepeaterwithTorchwood

    NOTE: This Present Blog is NOT copying Wintermelon 's or MP2 's

    This present blog is for doing math (or just saying random numbers). You can say any number in between 0 and 100. There can be up to ten particapents (I might of spelled that wrong. When you comment a number, you can get items.  Items are like points!

    Silver coin (10 points)

    Basketball (20 points)

    Watering Can (40 points)

    Gold coin (50 points)

    Diamond (1,000 points)

    1. Wintermelon: 1,000

    2. A plant: 40

    3. ?

    4. ?

    5. ?

    6. ?

    7. ?

    8. ?

    9. ?

    10. ?

    You have to buy these prizes with your points.

    Conehead Zombie: 75 points

    Digger Zombie: 125 points

    Paintbucket Zombie: 125 points

    Balloon Zombie: 150 points

    Football Zombie: 175 points

    Giga Football Zombie: 300 points

    950 POINTS! (I might be wrong)

    Newspaper Zom…

    Read more >

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