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Mah Challenges

Hello, I shall challenge you these. I will be updating this blog until October 1, 2012. On October 1, 2012, the winner will be announced.


  • Everyone is allowed do the same challenge. For example, everyone is allowed to do #1, so feel free to do any challenge!
  • Don't lie or you will be disqualified.
  • Spammers, vandals, unregistered contributors, and my enemies are not allowed to do these.
  • No picture/video, no points.


Now, ready, set, GO!

  1. Survive 200 flags in Survival Endless (150 points)
  2. Buy 30 Snorkel Zombies without losing 5 Snorkel Zombies in Zombiquarium (75 pts.; must be a video)
  3. Complete Totally Nuts by using only Ladder Zombies (25 pts.)
  4. Grow the Tree of Wisdom 1250 feet tall (350 pts.)


  • 1st: Hoanganhminh - 175 pts

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