I heard that people created firepea builds. Also, I think some people are trying to compare Winter Melon and Gatling Pea Also, let me discuss about Winter Melon and Gatling Pea.

Gatling Pea or Winter Melon?

Gatling Pea2
Winter Melon2-1-

The Gatling Pea is good with Torchwood. It increases the DPS to 8. 3 Gatling Peas with the help of Ice-shroom can eliminate Bungee Zombies in seconds. Pretty effective.

The Winter Melon can slow down zombies, and it's used very frequently in Survival: Endless. Its splash effect can also slow zombies on a different lane.

Gatling Pea + Torchwood combo is stronger than Winter Melon, but will unfreeze zombies. The Winter Melon can slow down zombies but lobs slower than Peashooting Plants. End of discussion.


Which plant do you prefer? Gatling Pea or Winter Melon? Tell me the reason why you voted that plant. Leave your answer on comments.