Welcome to mah epic quiz. No prizes, this is just for fun :)

Here's the rules:

  • Easy questions are worth 1 point
  • Medium Questions are worth 2 points
  • Hard Questions are worth 3 points
  • Expert Questions are worth 5 points

Ready, set, ANSWER!

Easy Questions

  1. How do you get the Golden Sunflower Trophy?
  2. Can you plant Flower Pots on Lily Pads?
  3. What minigame replaces Big Trouble Little Zombie in the DS version?
  4. How many seed slots do you have at the begginning of the game?
  5. What is the only plant with diferrent color petals?
  6. What are the tallest plants?
  7. Can Bungee Zombie steal Cob Cannon?
  8. List all plants that cannot be imitated
  9. List all of the upgrades
  10. List all of the defesive plants

Medium Questions

Coming soon!

Hard Questions

Coming soon!

Expert Questions

Coming soon!

Answer all easy questions until June 8th, 2012!!! Because it's the time for counting corrects and wrong!!!

On June 10th, 2012, it's time to answer the medium questions.