• Repeater1947

    You know we have the Survival:Endless score userbox, the Vasebreaker:Endless score userbox, and the I, Zombie:Endless score userbox. But, what about the Last Stand:Endless userbox?

    Should we make it? Support or Oppose? Write it in the comments.

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  • Repeater1947

    Hallo people. I have a new series called Catastrophic Plants. I can't say much about it, but there will be a crazy war. and even adventures! First episode is coming soon!

    Here are a few things about the series:

    • The episodes will be published as movies. Or maybe as comics if I don't have much time.
    • It contains violence, so it is only recommended for 13+
    • I will start the series in December
    • The series also uses diferrent languages. It may contain grammar errors, since I am filipino and I only understand english and filipino.

    Other notes:

    • I changed my mind not to cancel the series.

    Any comments?

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  • Repeater1947

    Cob Cannon

    August 17, 2012 by Repeater1947

    Hello, everyone! Today, we shall be discussing about the Cob Cannon.

    The Cob Cannon is cheaper than 10 Cherry Bombs. It also generates cobs faster than Cherry Bombs. It is one of the most essential plant in Survival: Endless.

    In Survival: Endless, Gargantuars and Giga Gargantuars appear very often. A Winter Melon and Cob Cannon combo is essential to counter excess Gargantuars.

    Unfortunately, Pumpkins do not protect them, which leaves them vulnerable to zombies. Also, it takes 2 spaces. End of discussion

    How many Cob Cannons do you prefer in Survival: Endless? Tell me the reason why you prefer that.

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  • Repeater1947

    Mah Challenges

    July 31, 2012 by Repeater1947

    Hello, I shall challenge you these. I will be updating this blog until October 1, 2012. On October 1, 2012, the winner will be announced.

    • Everyone is allowed do the same challenge. For example, everyone is allowed to do #1, so feel free to do any challenge!
    • Don't lie or you will be disqualified.
    • Spammers, vandals, unregistered contributors, and my enemies are not allowed to do these.
    • No picture/video, no points.

    Now, ready, set, GO!

    1. Survive 200 flags in Survival Endless (150 points)
    2. Buy 30 Snorkel Zombies without losing 5 Snorkel Zombies in Zombiquarium (75 pts.; must be a video)
    3. Complete Totally Nuts by using only Ladder Zombies (25 pts.)
    4. Grow the Tree of Wisdom 1250 feet tall (350 pts.)

    • 1st: Hoanganhminh - 175 pts
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  • Repeater1947

    Okay, we have a problem. Nazi Peashooter681's surrender has attracted more vandals to come to PVZ Wiki. Nazi Peashooter requested vandals to vandalize this wiki. Be on a lookout for crazy vandals

    • Q: How can you say Nazi Peashooter requested more vandals to vandalize
      • A: Nazi Peashooter681 told me in chat "Hahaha I asked more vandals to come to PVZ Wiki".
    • Q: Is Nazi Peashooter gonna create a sockpuppet?
      • A: I dunno. Only Nazi Peashooter knows.
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