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  • I was born on January 9
  • My occupation is unknown
  • Reiazur

    Can you please go?

    July 8, 2012 by Reiazur

    Hey, people, please go to my wiki. I need a lot of contributors to my wiki. It is similar to the PVZCC wiki, but with a few exceptions:

    1. ??????????
    2. Express your status.
    3. Read more at my wiki.

    If you're the first ten contributors who joined my wiki, you'll be an admin instantly when you started contributing there.

    You may also contact me if there are problems.

    Note: The old wiki has been shut down,so I deleted the link so what name of my wiki will be?

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  • Reiazur

    Note: I only check out to the Weaknesses of Zombies page, becuase I got hooked on watching Adventure Time, playing or modding the game, and editing my founded wiki.

    P.S. I am very rarely to edit here.

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  • Reiazur

    Editing saved data from Dr. Zomboss Revenge to Zombiquarium, Dr. Zomboss will give strange zombies moving back and forth, up and down!

    First, go to Dr. Zomboss Revenge, then quit after a while

    Then, change saved data to Zombiquarium(game1_23)

    Go to Zombiquarium

    Tested and completed!

    If any problems, comment here or my talk page.

    Dr. Zomboss will give dead or strange zombies.

    Zombies will move back and forth and up and down

    Gargantuars throw Imps differently

    Zombies will get hungry,

    You can feed brains on zombies

    Great for the achievement "Sunny Days"

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  • Reiazur

    Musical Scores

    May 26, 2012 by Reiazur

    Grasswalk: 9.5

    Loonboon: 10.6

    Moongrains : 10.4

    Watery Graves: 9:3

    Rigor Mormist: 9.3

    Cerebrawl: 9.9

    Graze The Roof: 10.5

    Braniac Maniac: 10.5

    Ultimate Battle: 9.5

    Zombies on your Lawn: 10.9

    Zen Garden: 9.4

    Title Screen: 9.7

    Seed Selection: 9.8

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