This is a shop where you can buy items for my thread game; The Dungeon of Endlessness: Rebuilt

Every player gets a Shop Crystal, 100 coins and the Welcome Mat for starters.


Welcome Mat - FREE

Welcome Mats can whack, trap, and roll enemies through traps! Free for everyone.

Welcome Mat says Welcome to you! Will you say "welcome" to him back?

Health Potion - 25 coins

Heals a user by 50 HPS.

The potion tastes like cherry.

Guardian's Shield Healer - 50 coins

Increases the wielder's defense and health.

It's a hologram with mass actually. It also hovers near your arm. Touching it feels tingly.

Shooting Stars - 150 coins

Shooting Stars are cosmic arrows that have a chance to multi-hit enemies! 2 Shooting Stars spawn every 3 turns!

Ever heard of that song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars?" No? Well good. Shooting Stars are better than that kiddy trash.

Flame Wave - 200 coins

Flame Waves are a circlish wave of flame which will warm others and overheat enemies.

You have been visited by the Flame Wave dog of the Flame Wave world. You shall be granted eternal coziness, but only if you comment "Stay dry pupper."


  • It is unlocked after using the giant key on the main gate on the main hall of the E.Z Dungeon.
  • Shoppers will be teleported to another dimension when going to the shop, and teleported back to their current place once finished.