I only accept 5 users for each staff rank.

Once All staff ranks are full, the rules will change!

This is the page where users can request sysop and rollback privileges and vote on other users who are requesting rights. Please read the following regulations and instructions completely before voting or placing a request.

If nobody has approved/dissaproved of a nominee for 7 days, the request is closed and the nomination is approved or dissaproved depending on which one has more votes.

You can request again for another user right one month after you fail or succeed on a request.


Founders: 1/1

B-Crats: 0/5

Admins: 1/5

C-Mods: 0/5

R-backs: 0/5



  • Must know lots about my comix
  • Needs a valuable reason on why you should be promoted
  • No Polls 4 no Sockpuppeting

For Rollback

  • Must be at least 2 months old in the wiki
  • No long ban history
  • Must have 100 mainspace edits

For Admin

  • Must be 5 months old in the wiki
  • Needs 500 edits, 300 being mainspace
  • No long ban history

For Chat Mod

  • Must be active at chat
  • Must be 4 months old in the wiki. No edits required
  • No long kick/ban history

For B-Crat

  • Must be admin for 5 months
  • Must be a year old
  • You must not have a ban history!
  • Must have 1500 edits, 700 being mainspace!

Italic - Will be used when the staff is full