MasterNinja321 - Reapeageddon is a parody on the song called Shia Labeouf. Watch it by clicking here!


You're walking in the Wikia.

There's no one online,

And you have nothing to contribute

Out of the corner of the chat you spot him,


He's following you

About 30 chunks back.

He gets down on all twos and does a ninja run.

He's gaining on you.


You're looking for your userpage,

But you're all turned around.

He's close to you now

And you can see there's red pixels on his profile pic!

My gosh, there's red pixels everywhere!

Running for your life

(From MasterNinja.)

He's grabbing his katana.

(It's MasterNinja)

Lurking in the shadows

PvZ Wikian MasterNinja

Living in Germany, (MasterNinja.)

Editing the pages,


Killing all the baddies.

Actual killer, MasterNinja!

The screen is dim and you seem to have lost him,

But you're wikilessly lost yourself.

Stranded with a ninja,

You edit silently through the Peashooter page.

A-ha! In a few pixels,

A little page that needs...


You go stealthily to it,

But your WiFi! Ah! It's caught in a ninja trap!

Deleting off your WiFi,

(Wi, Fi.)

Reconnecting to the page.

(Wi, Fi.)

Now you're on the starting section,

Contributing inside, MasterNinja.

Sharpening his katana,


But he doesn't hear you vandal,


You're hacking behind him.

DDosing Wikian MasterNinja.

Hacking for your vandal with MasterNinja,

Wrestling a katana from MasterNinja,

Stab it in his profile.

Safe at last from MasterNinja.

You connect into the dark pages,

WiFi oozing from your bad connection.

But you have won.

You have rekt MasterNinja.

Wait! He isn't rekt! Master Surprise!

There's a shuriken to your head, and death in his profile.

But you can do Hax Jitsu

Disconnect Wikian MasterNinja.

Legendary fight with MasterNinja

Normal Sunday night for MasterNinja

You try to swing the sword at MasterNinja

But WiFi is draining fast from your connection

He's dodging every hack, he slashes to the left!

You dodge to the right, you get him in the neck

You're hacking off his head now

You have just decapitated MasterNinja

His head topples to the page, expressionless

You fall to your mouse and catch your breath

You have destroyed MasterNinja.

Finishing Touches

What do you think? No offense, MasterNinja321.