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How to be that romantic - Different Ways - Lel

Heya! Gonna teach you how to be romantic! 


Not the Winner/Internetica Type

You must:

1. Not be a winner

2. Be a bit shy

3. Must have a internetical personality (Funny, lolzies and others)


1. Find the girl

2. Hang out and DON'T act cool, acting cool will do nothing but embarass yourself!

3. Be a bit shy, sometimes

4. Take her to something fancy.

5. Ask her for a kiss, or something else romantic, then say it's a joke. They might really wan't to do those, joke or not.

6. Repeat

7. Once repeated enough, ask her the "Special Question"

The Romantic Type

You must:

1. Be romantic and treat women with respect

2. Optional: Be rich

3. Recommended: Be handsome


1. Find the girl and impress her with talent!

2. Ask her out on a date, make sure it isn't a restaurant that isn't suitable for dates, such as KFC, McDo, IMCR8Z's Bacon Makon. Make sure it's a fancy restaurant or at least be suitable for dates

3. Don't act like a COOL dude, just like in the Internetica Type steps

4. Eventually watch a movie together

5. Give her some overrated flowers

6. Repeat

7. Once repeated enough, ask her "the SPECIAL Question"

The SWAG Type

WARNING: Might not even work!

Must be:

1. Swagalicious

2. Sweggy


1. Find the girl and impress her with your swag

2. Send her to cool places such as the Dance Club.

3. Repeat

4. Once repeated enough, ask her the "Special Question"

The Pervy Type

WARNING: Not even work!

Must be:

1. A Perv

2. A fan of women body parts


1. Find the girl and comment about her spheres

2. Spy/Stalk on her

3. Get some cameras and put it on her Bathroom and her pool (If she has one)

4. Stare at her spheres and her black hole 

5. Hang with her, she might get close to you, despite your personality

6. Repeat

7. Once repeated, either ask her the "Special Question" or be lucky enough to ask you to do the "Special Event" with her.

I Just Have Money Type

Will probably work in this generation

Must be:

1. Some rich dude with money (Unlike the Romantic Type, this ISN'T OPTION. It's a requirement)


1. Find the girl

2. Pay her and hope for the best

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