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How to Log Chat: A Reapeageddon Tutorial

Hello! Since I can't log chat alone, I will be teaching you how to log chat!


1. Go to Special:MyPage/chat.js

2. Edit it and paste the following code found here.

3. Clear your cache by pressing Ctrl+F5 (Chrome, Firefox and Explorer), go to Tools, then Preferences, then find the option that tells you to clear your cache (Opera) or simple Refresh (Safari, Konquerer)

4. Go to chat.

5. Enable Chat Hacks

6. Click submit at your will

7. ???

8. Profit


Congratulations! You know how to log chat! However, in doing so, the chat MIGHT auto log itself, and once you log chat, the chat will be cleared. Anyways, good luck to logging chat, users!

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