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  • Reapeageddon

    I am currently in an airport and I am about to go to New York. I am going to see the Niagra Falls soon enough! :D

    If any of you live in New York and happen to know what I look like irl, then good luck finding me. My parents will probably kill you though. I'll be there until school starts... I'm gonna miss summer vacation :(

    Anyways, I'll still be active there in the land of the free and easily offended. See ya!

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  • Reapeageddon

    Hooray, it is my 14th birthday. WHOPEE! Not much to say, honestly.

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  • Reapeageddon

    It's Internetica Comicles, which is about to be rebooted for the third time, but with a new story, new characters and more!

    Many articles are getting deleted from the Plants vs. Zombies Wiki and even other wikis as well, and a group of users find out that this is the work of a nonexistent group turned into an organization that poses the biggest threat to the entire Wikiaverse.

    I'll ask people if they want to be in the comic.

    • Me
    • Marcia Aeris
    • Throwkirby
    • Fairy27
    • Jackninja5DipperGravityFalls
    • AbramR

    • Starfruity
    • ErnestoAM

    I'll most likely be mixing art styles together. It's like seeing an anime character beside a Minecraft cube guy who is behind a simple PvZ Peashooter.

    You want to be in the comic? Comment down below!

    Describe your design, personality and whe…

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  • Reapeageddon

    Hey guys, I'm moving to a new account, as the name Reapeageddon... isn't interesting anymore, and I no longer match the randomness and wackiness that the name has. I haven't been talking much in chat lately as well. 

    I hope to see you guys in my new account, Caesar Eleganza!

    User:Caesar Eleganza

    Coming soon... will comment below as my new account to confirm it!

    Note: Caesar isn't my real name.


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  • Reapeageddon

    I'm sorry guys. I lost interest. I'll have it uploaded soon

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