aka AshurCrashur

  • I live in the Internet!
  • I was born on May 11
  • My occupation is making comics
  • I am a random dudd
  • Reapeageddon

    7 Deadly Sins is a level pack I, Reapeageddon, am making. The whole pack will last for 16 levels. So far, Part 1 is released, featuring Lust and Greed levels.

    Level Pack (Part 1 so far):


    • 2 Lust Levels
    • 2 Greed levels


    • 2 Gluttony levels
    • 2 Sloth levels
    • 2 Envy levels
    • 2 Pride levels
    • 2 Wrath levels
    • 1 Mashup level
    • 1 Boss Battle
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  • Reapeageddon
    Hmmm, not much to do. Here are inspirational vids!

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  • Reapeageddon

    My level pack is finally released! Enigma is a sorta lame level pack I made back in May and finished today. Part 1 has 8 levels and will have 16 levels in total.

    Something has disrupted the timeline, and Modern Day is slowly getting time-twisted. Crazy Dave and Penny is nowhere to be found. It is up to you to save Modern Day and prevent time itself from twisting any further.

    Not much mechanics, but fine. 

    As time gets twisted, you'll lose access to some plants. In Part 1, you CANNOT use plants from Modern Day. In Part 2, you will lose access to more and more plants!

    In this ambush, zombies will rise anywhere on the lawn. They however, seem to like rising on empty mower spaces, which is pretty dangerous! Use moving plants such as Thyme Warp to …

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  • Reapeageddon

    I am currently in an airport and I am about to go to New York. I am going to see the Niagra Falls soon enough! :D

    If any of you live in New York and happen to know what I look like irl, then good luck finding me. My parents will probably kill you though. I'll be there until school starts... I'm gonna miss summer vacation :(

    Anyways, I'll still be active there in the land of the free and easily offended. See ya!

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  • Reapeageddon

    Hooray, it is my 14th birthday. WHOPEE! Not much to say, honestly.

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