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My Mod - Future Mod

I present you... MY FUTURE MOD!

It is based on future, DOH!

Current Version: 1.4.1-MOD

Current Demo: Demo 6

Current State: Demo

State Bar ([Demo]|||||||||.......[Beta]...........[Alpha]...[Stable])



Demo 1.0.-MOD - Initial Release. Laser Shooters, Ice Laser Shooters, Future Lawn, Almanac Backgrounds, Title screen (Peashooters, Snow Peas, Lawn, Almanac backgrounds and Title screen edited. Lawn is based on Far Future (PvZ2) lawn.)

Demo 1.1-MOD - Security Defenses and its Advanced Version (Wall-nut and Tall-nut edited)

Demo 1.2-MOD - Metal Ball-Pult (Cabbage-pult)


Demo 1.3-MOD - Electric Fan and Electric Bulb (Blover and Plantern)


Demo 1.4-MOD - Futuristic style zombies. Outer arm not edited. (Based on the Far Future regular Zombies).

Demo 1.4.1-MOD - Outer arm edited.

Demo 1.5-MOD - Star Warp is replaced by Shovels


Demo 1

Version: 1.0 (Initial release) Initial Release.

Laser Shooters, Ice Laser Shooters, Future Lawn, Almanac Backgrounds, Title screen Preview (Demo 1)

Demo 2

Version: 1.1 (Security Systems)

Security Defenses and its Advanced Version Preview (Demo 2)

Demo 3

Version 1.2 (Metal Ball)

Metal Ball-Pult Preview (Demo 3)

Demo 4

Version 1.3 (Electrical Update)

Electric Fan and Bulb Preview (Demo 4)

Demo 5

Versions 1.4 and 1.4.1 (New Zombies On Da Lawn)

Futuristic style zombies. Preview (Demo 5)

Demo 6

Version 1.5 (Star Warps)

Reapageddon: Star gates as shovels!  Preview (Demo 6)


This mod is already on Demo 5 and I want suggestions!


  1. Stargates - an alternative to shovels. Thank you Reapeageddon [Taken]

How to suggest?

Post a message entitled "PvZ Future Mod Demo 6 Suggestions" and put your suggestion there!

What Not To Suggest

  1. Non-futuristic plants.
  2. Disgusting plants (ex: 18+ plants)
  3. Roll back features. (ex: Remove Electric Bulb and revert it to Plantern)
  4. Planned features.

Planned Features

  1. Hot Ball (Torchwood's future version)
    1. May float, or have a table.
  2. Metal Shield Zombie (Screen Door Zombie)
  3. Edited Almanac Background
  4. Far Future Styled (Similar) Gravestone from PvZ2's scrapped features
  5. Mine (Potato Mine's future version)
  6. Better Loading Screen from PvZ2's Far Future Tralier

Download Link

If stable release is released, download will be available.

Possibly Beta.


More to come :3

Always check this for updates!