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  • RayBanjo

    This is just a theory, obviously. In GW2, the Computer Scientist's ability is called Crunch Mode. (I'll explain what he has to do with all of this at the very end.) This is a small reference to "Crunch Time", a rather torturous thing some game/software developers might be forced to go through if their boss is corrupt and wants the product rushed out. Crunch Time is when a developer has to work even longer hours, coding and doing other things non stop. Some who have had to go through Crunch Time have even had to stay days at their offices. This can wear down on a developer's health and mental stability. It's not too common in the game industry, but it's still a serious problem. Judging by these facts and how during Crunch Mode the screen go…

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  • RayBanjo

    Idk about everyone else, but I think that would be a great addition to the wiki.

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