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Concept World: The Aboriginal Desert

There are twenty-five levels.

Special Things

Rivers: You can only plant Power Petals on them.

Spear Tosses: Spears rain from the sky.

Brain Busters

Kangaroos!: Many Zombaroos spawn.

Hunting Pack: Hunter Imps, Hunter Zombies, and one Chieftain Gargantuar spawn.


Kiwi Bomb: Turns Kiwi Bots around. Unlocked on Day 3. It looks like a kiwi bird.

Dart-shooter: Shoots poisonous darts at zombies. It's Premium. It looks like a Native American, as it's wearing a feather headdress and red warpaint.

Power Petal: Zaps zombies with Pulses of light. It's Premium. It looks like a Waterlily, but light blue.

Nukealyptus Tree: Tap to make it explode. Unlocked on Day 12. It looks like a birch tree with Peashooter eyes.

Poison Ivory: Uses its tusks to ram enemies. Unlocked on Day 16. It looks like poison ivy, but with white tusks near its mouth and Bonk Choy eyes.

Dragon Fruit: Randomly breathes a huge flame or blizzard in front of it. Unlocked on Day 23. It looks like a Snapdragon, but maroon and very spiky. It also has red eyes.

Mammoth Nut (the nut on the concept page): Has Tall-nut health and attacks enemies by slamming them with its tusks. Unlocked on Day 20.


Hunter Zombie: The standard zombie. It wears a loincloth and holds a spear. It also has warpaint.

Rock Zombie: The conehead of the world. Looks exactly like the Hunter, but wears a rock on its head.

Urn Zombie: The buckethead of the world. Same as before.

Boomerang Tosser: Tosses boomerangs four blocks away from plant, doing two damage per toss. Looks exactly like the Hunters, but has a blue quiver with boomerangs in it.

Paddler Hunter: Travels by wooden boat on rivers. Looks like the standard Huntee, but with a paddle in his hands.

Zombaroo: Hops past your defenses. Throws Joey Imp when it reaches half health. It is a purple kangaroo with a confused eye.

Joey Imp: Hops at your plants after being thrown by a Zombaroo. It's an Imp in a purple kangaroo costume.

Chieftain Gargantuar: Smashes plants with a giant boomerang. Throws Hunter Imp when at half health.

Hunter Imp: Spawns on the backs of Gargantuars or summoned by a giant deadly boomerang. Looks like the standard zombie, but as an Imp.

Kiwi Bot: Speeds past the other zombies, but gets turned around by Kiwi Bombs. It looms like a kiwi bird.

Zombot Soarer: Flies a giant, deadly, Quetzal. It steps on plants, summons every zombie except for the Joey Imp, and shoots acid at plants out of its mouth. Dr. Zimboss is wearing an Explorer Zombie's attire.


Spear Toss: Toss spears at zombies to poison them. Cost: 1,200 coins.

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