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June 26, 2014
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  • RandomzSunfish23901

    Hello, everybody! Yeah, I know, , people may have made this before. However, these are my opinions:

    • Imagine your in a zombie invasion. Would you even dare to run outside just to plant a plant? And how do you plant plants that quickly?
    • Why leave your door open? Are you CRAAAAAAAZZY!?
    • ZOMBIES! ATTACK US ALREADY! We've been in the selection screen for ten hours!
    • Peashooters aiming anywhere but the head until 10 shots. Peashooters also aiming for the head when it's a headwear zombie.
    • How plants take damage even if the zombie isn't actually biting them
    • POWIE! You are unharmed!
    • A conveyer belt? (Look at #1)
    • Going outside just to hit a zombie? USE THE PLANTS!
    • Yes. A zombie is weak, but the Football Zombie is fast, strong, and shows no sign of impairment. HO…

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  • RandomzSunfish23901

    There are twenty-five levels.

    Rivers: You can only plant Power Petals on them.

    Spear Tosses: Spears rain from the sky.

    Kangaroos!: Many Zombaroos spawn.

    Hunting Pack: Hunter Imps, Hunter Zombies, and one Chieftain Gargantuar spawn.

    Kiwi Bomb: Turns Kiwi Bots around. Unlocked on Day 3. It looks like a kiwi bird.

    Dart-shooter: Shoots poisonous darts at zombies. It's Premium. It looks like a Native American, as it's wearing a feather headdress and red warpaint.

    Power Petal: Zaps zombies with Pulses of light. It's Premium. It looks like a Waterlily, but light blue.

    Nukealyptus Tree: Tap to make it explode. Unlocked on Day 12. It looks like a birch tree with Peashooter eyes.

    Poison Ivory: Uses its tusks to ram enemies. Unlocked on Day 16. It looks like …

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