Guys this is my first blog post but this is because i found a few new things like a game called plants vs zombiesville

it seems to be a 2d plants vs zombies adventures i found a full article posted by Owen Hill here's the link Plants vs Zombiesville Note: I take no credit from the article. There's also a Rampage mode and a new zombie that seems to be a crossover of Football Zombie and newspaper zombie it has high health it fast then becomes very fast and once you destroy the money hanging on his head doubles speed and before that will shoot a energy ball that makes a plant fall asleep for any plant but i'm not sure what happens when it hits a sleeping mushroom or a flower pot and it only appears in survival roof in the chinese version and now this is so long so sorry for the format and here are some pictures of it

Plants vs Zombiesville

Plants vs Zombiesville

Plants vs Zombiesville Rampage mode

Note:This is not photoshopped

Chinese plants vs zombies

the zombie i was talking about on the loading screen