• Raccoonguy133

    The peashooter

    June 5, 2011 by Raccoonguy133

    The Peashooter shoots 1 pea every 1.43 seconds.The Peashooter is your first line of defense mostly use it during the whole game (Except for Roof) Almanac:How can a single plant grow and shoot so many peas so quickly.Peashooter says Hard work,commitment,and a well-balanced breakfast of sunlight and a high-fiber carbon dioxide make it all possible.If its a normal zombie it takes 10 hits to kill it.(if torchwood is in front of it it takes 5 hits)For a conehead zombies it takes 25 hits.For buckethead is 48(which iv never seen 1 peashooter defeat a buckethead zombie without a magnet or anything else).

    Damage:Normal Cost:100 Recharge:Fast Read more >