My top 10 favorite zombies

10.Zombie he's a classic.(he's ridiculously weak)

9.Bungee Zombie What's the point of being dead if you can't live a little?

8.Dancing Zombie He's got nice hair.

7.Football Zombie He gives 110% on the field, he is a master at defense and offense, he has no idea what football is.

6.Yeti Zombie I love his almanac page, not much is known about him (except for like everything) Plus i love the sense of rarity(plus if you kill one you become rich)

5. Dr. Zomboss not only is his zombot ridiculously awesome (and huge) but his name is also funny.

4.Gargantuar Not only is he strong, He wears a collar and is controlled with reins by a tiny imp, he's more of a pet then a zombie.

3. Imp He walks weird with a creepy smile, and his "best friend" he controls with reins is 100 times his size

2. Dancing Zombie (old) He's micheal Jackson!

1. Jack-in-the-Box Zombie He's a zombie who escaped from mental facility in a straight jacket, holding a deadly weapon disguised as a children's toy. What more could you ask for?