Armored-Nut is a double tough tall-nut.


Can take 288 bites. He has 6 forms. Armored-Nut looks like a tall-nut with an armor above colored RED and side armor colored BLUE down with a ninja mask in the eye and the eye of a doom-shroom.

Appearance Change

1st Form (full health) - Normal Armored-Nut Appearance

2nd Form (48 bites)- side armor bit damaged, above armor really damaged , mask full health

3rd Form (96 Bites)- side armor really damaged, above armor no more, mask full health

4th Form (120 Bites)- side armor no more, bit cracks on above, mask bit damaged,loosen face or =|

5th form (174 Bites)- side bit cracks, above great crack, mask almost loosen,sad face

6th form (227 Bites)- side and above bit crack, mask loosen, demon-shroom's eyes still, sad face

Suburban Almanac Entry


Armored-Nuts have armor making themselves twice as tough as tall-nuts.

Special: Cant be jumped over and double health of a tall-nut.

Tall-nut and Wall-nut didnt know Armored-Nut was their brother. He told them that and thats how he got his armor. From 2 younger brothers.

Cost: 235

Recharge: slow