Plants For Plants Vs Zombies 2

Armored-Nut - Has twice the health of tall-nut

Spike-Nut - Damages zombies when eaten.

Fivepeater - Shoots peas in five lanes.

Strawberry-Pult - Launches strawberries that inflects other zombies. Normal Damage, Splash is low damage.

Raspberry-Pult - Can launch raspberries anywhere.

Poison Ivy- Cannot be eaten, When zombies go to him they will get heavy damage.

Double Planner- Lets you plants 2 plants. you cannot plant defensive plants. Also spikeweeds,spikerocks,spikesteels and poison ivys.

Spikesteel- A super fast attacker which cannon be eaten and inflects 5-7 damage per attack.

Plant Spirit- Plant her to change into a random plant you have on your seed slot.

Flame Pea- Shoots Fireballs

Summer Melon - Launches Melons which inflects and does superdeadly damage.

Frost Cherry- Explodes and freezes zombies for 20 seconds.

Ice Plantern- Zombies will become slow when they pass trough the light.

Rosebud- Makes other plants have the health of a wall-nut.

Power Garlic- When eaten, Push back and divert into another lane.

Water Pot / Flower Vasin- Lets you plant aquatic plants on it.

Carrot Shooter- Shoots carrots that inflects other zombies. normal damage. splah normal damage.

Master Pumpkin- repairs itself when zombies are far. does not if near.

Sun Magnet- Collects Sun for you

Leaf Bommerang- Click and click the zombie to let him cut a zombie. recharge per cut is like cob cannon.

Lightning Pea- Shoots Lightning peas that push backs zombies a little

Frenzy Pea- Shoots Peas and recharges fast like a peashooter in zombie nimble zombie quick.

Shine-Flower - Gives 25 to 45 sun radomly first then 45 to 65 sun later.

Electrikike- Shoots 4-10 Fireballs per lane. Damage per fireball is 5-7.

Banana Peel- Lets the zombie slip then the zombie behind it will be immobolized.

King Doom-Shroom- Lets all zombie on the screen die! :D