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    Pv2 Plant Ideas

    April 24, 2011 by PvzAddict

    Armored-Nut - Has twice the health of tall-nut

    Spike-Nut - Damages zombies when eaten.

    Fivepeater - Shoots peas in five lanes.

    Strawberry-Pult - Launches strawberries that inflects other zombies. Normal Damage, Splash is low damage.

    Raspberry-Pult - Can launch raspberries anywhere.

    Poison Ivy- Cannot be eaten, When zombies go to him they will get heavy damage.

    Double Planner- Lets you plants 2 plants. you cannot plant defensive plants. Also spikeweeds,spikerocks,spikesteels and poison ivys.

    Spikesteel- A super fast attacker which cannon be eaten and inflects 5-7 damage per attack.

    Plant Spirit- Plant her to change into a random plant you have on your seed slot.

    Flame Pea- Shoots Fireballs

    Summer Melon - Launches Melons which inflects and does superdeadly…

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