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Bad Zombies

This is a trubute to Bad Plantz.Another Blog Post.

Zombie:Too easy.No theat at all.Peashooter says.

Flag Zombie:Same as the Flag Zombie.Peashooter also says.

ConeHead Zombie:Bit tougher but not for me.Repeater says.

Pole Vaulting Zombie:Thank PLANT GOD we have Tall-Nuts! All the other plants (except Tall-Nut) say.

Bucket Head Zombie:Why isnt there a Peashooter that shoots 3 peas in the same area?

Newspaper Zombie:After the invasion me and him read the newspaper.Wall-Nut says

Screen Door Zombie:Im the only one that can get through the screen door to hit the zombie! Fume-Shroom says

Football Zombie:These are a pain.Very much a pain...Says Sunflower

Dancing Zombie:I like to do the Thriller.But not when being eaten! Says Snow Pea

Backup Dancer:These guys sure do like to eat in style.......*showoffs*. Says Tall-Nut

Ducky Tube Zombie:They are just the same as the land ones except wetter.Says Lily Pad

Snorkel Zombie:Im just good at protecting from them. Its my job.Says Wall-Nut


Zombie Bobsled Team:There can be WAYYYYYYYYYY to many sometimes but Im able to get em' good. Says Cherry Bomb

Dolphin Rider Zombie:Lots of us+Torchwoods+This zombie=ISNTAINT DEATH.Says Threepeater

Jack-in-the-Box Zombie:I make a better explosion than these guys.Says Doom-Shroom,Gloating about his explosions

Balloon Zombie:POP goes the balloon!Says Catus when she pops the balloon.

Digger Zombie:TAKE THAT UNDEAD MINER!Says Split Pea's 2nd head while it fires its peas.

Pogo Zombie:Sproing,Sproing,Sproing? Hahahaha I think i think not!Says Magnet Shroom taking the pogo from him.

Yeti Zombie:YIKES HES SCARY!!!!Says Scardy Shroom going underground as he sees him!

Bungee Zombie:Goodbye!Have a nice flight!Says Umbrella Leaf as it deflects a Bungee Zombie

Ladder Zombie:I hate these guys they always climb in my shell and eats the plant inside!Says Pumkin in his irritated voice.

Catapult Zombie:CROSS FIRE!Says Cabbage-Pult as a cabbage and a basketball pass eachother.

Gargantuar:SMASH! A Gargantuar goes down as 2 Squashes smash it.

Imp:Awwwwww.AHHHH DONT EAT ME!!!!!!Yells Kernal-Pult

Dr.Zomboss:Twang,Smash,KLABLANG! BOOOOM!!!! The zombot goes down with a mighty smash!

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