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    February 22, 2015 by PvZ maniac 95

    Top 10 Most favourite plants (for plants in pvz and pvz 2 only, ranking is not in alphabetical orderly )

    1. Cob cannon. Classic and epic splash damage on those zombies.

    2. Sunflower. So cute and talent since she can sing in beautiful voice. Also, essential in each stage except the night level and dark age.

    3. Peashooter. All of its genre, repeater, pea pod, and most admire one is the gatling pea, so mean and hard-boiled, yeah..

    4. Lightning reed. Love the attacks that it summon the deathly cloud when feed it with plant food, instant kill power can make it a fight with jalapeno.

    5. Cherry Bomb. All of the final blow is pass to them, good job!

    6. Doom shroom. Unfortunately, is no longer in episode 2, miss it a lot since can take down soooooooooooo…

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