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Plant Idea from Hitoridakeno!

One of the wiki contributors, Hitoridakeno, thought of a cool plant idea. Here's what he had to say:

what about a certain upgrade of sunflower that gives out the same amount of sun as a sunflower. but when she is clicked ( activated ) she becomes a buffer plant ( i was thinking of a sunflower that has a hat of a soldier ) which causes every sun producing plant within a 1 tile range around her to produce twice as much sun and reduces the recharge time of all the plants in the seed packet by half for 30 seconds ( probably have some bossy animation where she .. looks like a secretary given three weeks worth of workload to be finished in one whole day ) then after 30 seconds she them have a "tired" state where she stops producing sun for 10 seconds and then sleeps.

she will then be awakened by a coffee bean just some ideas ~ ^_^

That's a cool upgrade idea! Please help give me more ideas!

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