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Here is the First Annual Plant-A-Thon! Just vote what number vase you would like to choose, and I'll give out the plant! When someone gets a vase, I'll have an image of a broken vase. Once every vase is taken, I'll give the rankings. The day after ranking, I will give out the plants/zombies to those who got the vases. The one worth the most points will earn the Golden Vase Award. Enjoy!

Note: Green vases contain zombies. (Kind of strange, since green vases in Vasebreaker always contain plants.)

Mystery Vase

Vase Number 1


Sorry, Vase Number 2 is taken by Cansteam!

Plant Vase

Vase Number 3


Sorry, Vase Number 4 is taken by Shadythecat!


Sorry, Vase Number 5 is taken by Homeowner!

Plant Vase

Vase Number 6


Sorry, Vase Number 7 is taken by Winter Melon23!


Sorry, Vase Number 8 is taken by Hitoridakeno!


Sorry, Green Vase Number 9 is taken by GeneralOwnage55!


Sorry, Vase Number 10 is taken by Junkmaniac!

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