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    One of the wiki contributors, Hitoridakeno, thought of a cool plant idea. Here's what he had to say:

    what about a certain upgrade of sunflower that gives out the same amount of sun as a sunflower. but when she is clicked ( activated ) she becomes a buffer plant ( i was thinking of a sunflower that has a hat of a soldier ) which causes every sun producing plant within a 1 tile range around her to produce twice as much sun and reduces the recharge time of all the plants in the seed packet by half for 30 seconds ( probably have some bossy animation where she .. looks like a secretary given three weeks worth of workload to be finished in one whole day ) then after 30 seconds she them have a "tired" state where she stops producing sun for 10 sec…

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  • PvZCCSuperior

    This post is one where I make up new plants/zombies/areas etc. and tell them to you. I've only got one plant. It's called a Towered Nut. It's taller than a Tall-nut, stronger than a Tall-nut, and costs more than a Tall-nut. It costs 225 sun and recharges slow. It can stop Balloon Zombies and Vaulting Zombies. Zombies in vehicles cannot crush it (other than Dr. Zomboss). Please comment and tell me more possible PvZ things!

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  • PvZCCSuperior


    October 3, 2011 by PvZCCSuperior

    Here is the First Annual Plant-A-Thon! Just vote what number vase you would like to choose, and I'll give out the plant! When someone gets a vase, I'll have an image of a broken vase. Once every vase is taken, I'll give the rankings. The day after ranking, I will give out the plants/zombies to those who got the vases. The one worth the most points will earn the Golden Vase Award. Enjoy!

    Note: Green vases contain zombies. (Kind of strange, since green vases in Vasebreaker always contain plants.)

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  • PvZCCSuperior

    Welcome, me!

    September 10, 2011 by PvZCCSuperior

    It's been awesome joining the wiki. I got the name because I like a wiki called "Plants vs.Zombies Charector Creator". More posts coming soon.....

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