I know a lot of people are playing Adventures and PvZ2, but I have a PvZ1 challenge in Survival: Endless for you!!

It's called the Random Plant Challenge. You must pick random plants every time you get to the seed selection screen. You have to use those plants for the next 2 flags, but you have to pick new plants the next time.

Here are the times when you can replace one seed you have randomly selected with another random plant:

  • If you pick and upgrade of a plant and you haven't used any/haven't picked any of its downgrade. (Replace the upgrade with a different plant)
  • If you can't fend off Balloon Zombies. (only if there's them on that wave and you don't have Cactus or Cattail already, you can select one of them)
  • You can pick Sunflower for the first picking only if you want, otherwise you must just do random plants.
  • If you pick Coffee Bean and you don't pick any mushrooms and there aren't any sleeping mushrooms on the lawn.
  • If you pick Flower Pot, Grave Buster, or Plantern, you can replace them.
  • You can pick Lily Pad whenever you want.

Have fun, and post the flags you get. Remember, it's totally luck, so don't get mad if you die in the first flag. I will try this now.