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  • I was born on June 25
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  • Puzzlemaster34

    I have a Survival Endless strategy I would like to share, but i don't know where to put everything yet.

    I know it'll look something like this:

    (G) (g) (W) (F) F _ _ _ _
    (W) (O) (W) (T) (g) (g) F _ _
    [T] [c] [C= =C] [(U)] [(W)] [(g)] [(g)] [(g)]
    [T] [c] [C= =C] [(U)] [(W)] [(g)] [(g)] [(g)]
    (W) (O) (W) (T) (g) (g) F _ _


    (W) (F) F _ _ _ _


    • ( ) Pumpkin
    • [ ] Means plant/plants is on lily pads/a lily pad
    • C==C Cob cannon
    • F Fume shroom
    • G Gatling pea
    • _ Empty space
    • g Gloom shroom
    • c Cattail
    • O Umbrella leaf
    • U Gold magnet
    • T Twin sunflower
    • W winter melon

    I don't know if I want Spikerocks yet...

    If you have any ideas on how to improve this build, without changing it too much, please do share them!

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