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New Game: PvZ 3: World Tour!

Ok, i'm making a game of PvZ, in my mind like when FF was released.

This is going to be this: Here, i make next things in the "Game" and then, i release Worlds like Magento files. Will be like 25 worlds or more(30, 35, 40, 45, 50...), like USA(American Suburbs), Brazil(i live here), German(Nazists), French(Imitater), and then more, yes, is coutrys...

Delevopment History:

1.0: Released Tutorial, USA, Canada.

Next Things:

All in 1.0.

Next Worlds after 1.0: Cuba, Jamaica, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina.

Ok, it's hard to know, but later you are going to know.

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