Pumpkin Skelhead

aka Master (better than Pro) of Pumpkins

  • I live in In Discord
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is Be on Discord
  • I am A skeleton with a pumpkin on his head
  • Pumpkin Skelhead


    May 20, 2017 by Pumpkin Skelhead


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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Noone's gonna see this blog but k

    30. Chomper

    Well that was an obvious one, it's probably the least favorite by most

    29. Abracadaver

    It's not a line dancer

    28. Strongberry

    Berry decks are REALLY RARE in multiplayer, at least he has decent stats and that glitch

    27. That Mega-Grow guy that recieves +1/+1 for every new plant

    It does not work like unlife, that you can spam earlier, AND THIS GUY'S SUPERRARE, UNLIFE IS UNCOMMON, also no synergy

    26. Disco-Tron

    Only works with Unlife or Dance decks, i personally don't like him

    25. Twin Sunflower

    It's more used for defense lmao but it has an use sometimes

    24 and 23. Snapdragon and Line Dancer

    Only used 1 turn lol, Line Dancer is a Pineclone killer tho

    22. Brainana

    Dat stats

    From ownard are the super-rares i like


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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    yey we got into 4,445 pages that breaks the 4 perfection isnt that nice yey so happy its 4445 pages not that 4444 thing this is another useless page blogpost yeeeeeey

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    IGNORE EVERY INFO IN THERE I JUST WANTED TO WRITE THIS XDDD i hate the first four and my favorite for real is NMT so this is a parody of and i had to idea to do this, see the rest below

    For those who don't know, a Worldwunner are the ones who praise the first four worlds of PvZ2 and hate the rest, so today i will tell you the Ten Rules of being a Worldwunner

    The first four worlds had the best plants and zombies

    If you are a Worldwunner, your opinion must be correct, you can't be a Worldwunner and like a plant/zombie for like, Neon Mixtape Tour, oh no, and that's why there's a scale of all worlds

    Ancient Egypt, good

    It does a good job as tutorial world

    Pirate Seas, awesome,

    Great plant, great zombies and…

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Discord users

    Somebody did

    A Discord

    For PvZ

    I don't know

    If u allow this

    But this guy

    Did a Discord bout PvZ and isn't oursss

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