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  • I live in 1975 of a rural street in a state bordered city, this border is in the south region of Brazil
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is Hype stuff
  • I am there are no grils in the net lamo
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    (First, I haven't read any replies in the last blog post because I hate what I do, mostly)

    Ok so this is mostly a backup for my .txt about PvZ music Tempo/BPM but it's public (the tempo isn't on the music page and ZIYL page doesn't have something that shows it's only 105)

    I don't know if anyone already did this, if so, ok I'm doing it as well. Updated when I get more, only doing this for fun k.

    (And I don't know if I convert BPM based on time signature because Moongrains (Night) is 2/4 but its tempo is 120 should that be 240, 60 or will it still be 120? IDK so it will be based by normal tapping)

    PvZ1 (no "wave" themes, I don't know if they just add instruments or it actually goes faster (or even slower lol))

    Grasswalk - 115
    Moongrains - 120

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Hecc, the Message Walls update and the staff-only vote are nice imo cuz

    Now everyone has no wordbubbles so we are in the exact same state of messaging

    And the staff-only vote is fair because there are people who have no idea what they're doing


    (Nice format don't ya think)

    Also nobody will be seeing this so whatever I will still congratulate the new staff

    congrats drek

    ur nice

    I still thank you for the antisquid code

    Marcia's back into a Staff position that's nice ok

    Chat mod is gone finally

    also congrats on DDA for discord admin

    why is NM demoted tho Idk what happened

    congrats police owner (I think) for both new staff roles

    I think that's it

    Tho whom is IDontCareAboutHistory

    apparently that's a song (yes I'm stalking)

    Ok I'm done

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead


    October 10, 2017 by Pumpkin Skelhead

    boi ya reached 5k pages thats gud now get back to work

    i still view this wiki

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    May 20, 2017 by Pumpkin Skelhead


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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Noone's gonna see this blog but k

    30. Chomper

    Well that was an obvious one, it's probably the least favorite by most

    29. Abracadaver

    It's not a line dancer

    28. Strongberry

    Berry decks are REALLY RARE in multiplayer, at least he has decent stats and that glitch

    27. That Mega-Grow guy that recieves +1/+1 for every new plant

    It does not work like unlife, that you can spam earlier, AND THIS GUY'S SUPERRARE, UNLIFE IS UNCOMMON, also no synergy

    26. Disco-Tron

    Only works with Unlife or Dance decks, i personally don't like him

    25. Twin Sunflower

    It's more used for defense lmao but it has an use sometimes

    24 and 23. Snapdragon and Line Dancer

    Only used 1 turn lol, Line Dancer is a Pineclone killer tho

    22. Brainana

    Dat stats

    From ownard are the super-rares i like


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