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Pumpkin Skelhead

aka Master (better than Pro) of Pumpkins

1,141 Plants planted since joining PvZ wiki
July 7, 2015
  • I live in In Discord
  • I was born on May 20
  • My occupation is Be on Discord
  • I am A skeleton with a pumpkin on his head

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead


    November 21, 2016 by Pumpkin Skelhead

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Ok just ask me to paint something and i will make it majorly using a color you want yeah no rainbow, just print/ link something you want to be colored in a color and say the color yes i know nobody will use it but yea. a orange all-star:

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Welp, today is my birthday and i make 13 years and i was underaged and stuff

    1. RFM- IMCR8Z and Newspaper Zombies was right!

    2. I lied to Eugoth

    Well that makes me a part of was-underaged users so i bake a cake too.

    So yeah... ok

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    Simply, PvZ Series make bad translations to PTBR on his games, so i will translate the PTBR versions to english again, to see how weird they are

    Let's start by the worst

    Bungee Plumber > Ameixacrobática > Acrobatplum, yes, PLUM, A PLANT!!

    Thyme Warp > Cronotomilho > Chrono Thyme

    Celery Stalker > Aipo Algoz > Tomenter Celery/Celery Tomenter

    Smashing Pumpkin > Aboboranta > Pumplant

    Doom-Shroom > Ruínagumelo > Ruin-Shroom

    Shroom for Two > Dois Cogumelos > Two Mushrooms

    Poison Mushroom > Tóxicogumelo > Toxic-Shroom

    Shellery > Canhaipo > Celennon

    Sting Bean > Feijão Picante > CHILI BEAN, YES, ANOTHER

    Tough Beets > Beterraiva > Beetanger

    Berry Blast > Frutinha C4 > Berry C4...

    That's all about it today!

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  • Pumpkin Skelhead

    This is mainly for zombies

    The first convertion, the middle will be Gargantuar, having 5 health, so 5 means 180, let's convert the basic zombie's health

    Basic Zombie, with the middle being Gargantuar has: 36 NDS!!! (1)

    Conehead: 108 NDS!!! (3)

    Imp: 72 NDS!!! (2)

    Now to the 4 health...

    P.S: We are using a zombie for examble, but zombies with same health, have same NDS

    Roofed Mountain Climber: 144 NDS!!! (4)

    The 5 health is 180, because gargantuar, let's skip to 6

    Deep Sea Gargantuar: 216 NDS!!! (6)

    Wizard Gargantuar: 252 NDS!!! (7)

    Octo Zombie: 288 NDS!!!! (8)

    Zombot 1000: 324 NDS!!! (9)

    I don't know PvZH zombies with ?/10, so... the end of this convertion

    Second Convertion, Basic Zombie for middle.

    Just put a zero after the health

    Conehead: 30

    Imp: 20

    Gargantuar: 5…

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