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aka A Time Lord. (Still waiting for PvZH!)

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July 1, 2015
  • I live in Somewhere on earth and sometimes on my TARDIS.
  • My occupation is Watching Doctor Who
  • I am Time Lord (And not the Doctor!)
  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Title says all.

    Mine: "Yes!!!!!!!!!"

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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    I WILL leave.

    September 20, 2016 by Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Yep, I'm retiring. For the same reason BF10 does, except a bit different.

    It's true, we're getting bucketloads of socks. (For some reason I love checking the IP eating list so I know.) We're a drawer in a house full of people, so we get tons of socks.

    Also, Dischord. It's killing our chat. It's posion to the wiki. Just kill it already. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE IT???

    And, also, it's misundderstandments galore. Not only are people not reading our rules, but people who have read them are misunderstanding each other still. 

    And, also the fact that staff are dying off. BF10, EP, TULO, and a few others.

    And, the quality of edits is decreasing. Mainly because of socks, other people still have their edit quality going down.

    And also, the quantity of edits is …

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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    I Might Leave

    September 16, 2016 by Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Look, Dischord is ruining the wiki.

    All I need is the person who made me quit one wiki quit another.


    The man who made me leave PvZCC.

    His opinions are not mine. Not even close. They're two non-touching parabolas. And as you know, those curve away. And did you see the non-touching part?

    Look, I'm a strong opposer of Dischord. I can't build my own reasons but if I could give Kudos to all of the non-Dischord posts, I would.

    I've seen this on AoPS, too. Again, opposed. The AoPS Wiki is like ours. Opposed. (Although, AoPS isn't JUST a wiki.)

    Anyways, if you make my nerves pluck more*, I'll leave. Maybe forever. Maybe not.

    • Reference to The Mysterious Benedict Society.
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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Post a GW2 class here and get a variant (you can make fanmade classes, but please include info about it.)

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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Yeah... we need achievments, seeing as all the other games have them. 

    Suggestions are welcome!

    Only achievable by plants. 

    Goal: Have your hero be destroyed by a Goat!

    I don't say "As plants, have Rose destroyed by a goat" because of this little superpower.

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