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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Note: This is my own thing, unlikely to happen.

    3 totally new zombies, two variants and 10 new Neon Mixtape Tour levels: Neon Rally Zombie, Speakerhead Zombie, Pop Star Zombie, Rapdancer Zombie, and Regge Zombie.

    10 new levels of the world everybody hated! Another totally new and beach-basking zombie, Blue Ringed Octopus Zombie, along with Rally and Brickhead variants Beach Rally Zombie and Shellhead Zombie (Ok, I got to admit, I couldn't do any better names so stole this one from a fake content table.)

    (P.S. The Planted AKEE has really good zombies for Lost City AND Big Wave Beach, but I didn't want to steal.)

    10 new levels, a new and frigid zombie, Freezing Zombie (upgraded Hunter Zombie) along with Cave Rally Zombie and Icehead Zombie.

    10 ne…

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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Yep, I'll rank zombies in each world from most annoying to least annoying. Not counting the new expansions, Buckethead variants, Conehead variants, basic variants, most Imp variants. and most Gargantuars.

    • Explorer Zombie
    • Pharaoh Zombie
    • Tomb Raiser Zombie
    • Camel Zombie
    • Ra Zombie
    • ==Pirate Seas==
    • Pirate Captain Zombie/Zombie Parrot
    • Barrel Roller Zombie
    • Imp Cannon 
    • Seagull Zombie
    • Swashbuckler Zombie
    • ==Wild West==
    • Prospector Zombie
    • Poncho Zombie
    • Zombie Bull
    • Zombie Chicken
    • Chicken Wrangler Zombie
    • ==Far Future==
    • Mecha-Football Zombie
    • Gargantuar Prime
    • Disco-Tron 3000
    • Robo-Cone Zombie
    • Shield Zombie
    • Jetpack Zombie
    • Bug Bot Imp
    • ==Frostbite Caves==
    • Sloth Gargantuar
    • Hunter Zombie
    • Ice Weasel
    • Weasel Hoarder Zombie
    • Dodo Rider Zombie
    • ==Lost City==
    • Turquoise Skull Zombie
    • Exavator Zombie
    • The re…

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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    I'm going to create a new world. But, I'm a terrible programmer, so I'll do it in a series of blogs. 

    Each time I can, I'll edit in a new level, maybe even making up my own plants and zombies. I'm pretty bad at templates though, but I'll try. Please give feedback.

    This will be based in, um, lots of times, ranging from the era of Jurrasic Marsh to, uh, I.M. Foreman's junkyard in the 1960s from Doctor Who. 

    The world will be called "PMG's World."

    Note: This may be very long after, like, 4 levels and may continue into another blog post of *gasps* THE FORUMS!!!

    Takes 100 NDS before dying, and so, Machined toughness?


    Special: Can throw mini-machines like Tomb Raiser Zombies, but instead of graves, he spawns advanced portals.

    "He devoted his who…

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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Yep, I'm writing (probably) to PopCap with suggestions for PvZH!

    Let's say that you open a Multipack, and you now have 11 Surprise Gargargantuars, and you want to give them to a friend. You'd normally recylcle them, but under here you can give them to the friend, and share cards!

    Or, you got The Smash and don't want him. What do you do? You can't recycle HIM? Under this, just give him to a friend who doesn't have it!

    You have a good card idea. What to do? Type it's ability, get it's rarity checked and tested, take it to a testing zone! You can design it with pixels/Microsoft paint/an image, and test it! Then, you can redisign it until it's good, and then you can send it in to PopCap!

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  • Pryp'yatMineralGamer

    Title says all.

    Mine: "Yes!!!!!!!!!"

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