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Creating the Pixel Dog Folklore with CCP and Bloomerang!

The Pixel Dog Folklore is about a little yellow house in Jacksonville in 2003-2009. It prefers in Flordia.



  • Cost: 150

Charmy Charms:

  • Cost: 25
  • Special: Wakes up sunflowers in night and mushrooms in day. (Only sleeps in day.)


  • Cost: 350
  • Special: Insta-kill all zombies in two hits in a single lane.

White Radish:

  • Cost: 100

Truffla Tree

  • Cost: 0
  • Special: maxes to 9999 sun when planted 8 times like Tile Turnip. (99 sun each.)


  • Cost: 400
  • Special: sends out rainbow while being 5x shooted

More soon!


  • Wulf Zombie: Your regular 10 year old zombie.
  • Conehead Wulf: Bolder than 50%
  • Buckethead Wulf: Bigger. Badder. Bolder
  • Flagging Wulf: Sends a huge chugging wave of zombies.
  • Word Nurd: Gets a pack of chili and spreads it apart.
  • Gargantuar Woodruff: The meanest female zombie in Jacksonville.
  • Imp Wulf: The cutest 1 year old baby.
  • Zombot Todd: The spider of life and danger.


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