I decided to tackle this fan world thingamajig myself because why not. The world takes place after I conquer the world, which is about 30 years after Google did it. I have overcome Zomboss, and for you to return to your peaceful present you must pass my 8 trials of pain, with the 8th one being confronting my Juggernaut servant. 16 more trials await if you expect to get to fight me, but even more Juggernaut servants will come. Finally, the 25th one where you fight me.

(This is a Work in progress and I don't completely intend to actually ever fully complete it but I may).


Level 1 Dialogue

Dave: Something about this doesn't look right. Looks like that school project I did in third grade the day I had to present it.

Penny: Indeed, but I fear the last minute work is actually to our disadvantage.

Me (in cursive): I see yo have appeared, and I expected you. A right triangle with 4 Zombosses in one leg and 70 Zombosses in another leg would have the equivalent of 1 me in the hypotenuse. If you want to get out, you'll need to pass 8 trials of pain including my Juggernaut servant. 16 more trials await in the path to fight me if you're persistent. And I have no mercy when you fight me.

Penny: We've found why. I fear he is smarter than his work shows.

Dave: But worst of all, deadly math!

Level 7 Note

You have done 7 levels, but 8 is not lucky. It is merely 2^3, and they are both prime. You will soon turn from composite to many primes. (written in a tablet and with a Cartesian plane background)

Level 8 Dialogue

Me: "I see you have gone past the fourth prime number and to the cube of 2. Tell me boy, would you like your brains eaten in a round dish with an arc of 22 inches or with an arc of 40 inches?"

Dave: Uh....0?

Penny: I have to agree with your impossible logic.

Level Gimmick

During the beginning of each Huge Wave, Delayed Zombies will rise from below the ground. During 10 seconds, they will not do anything but stand still and take damage with a pitiful 15 health. After those 10 seconds are over, they will run to your house. They are twice as fast as zombie chickens. Technically they have the same physical health as before, but during this they run so fast that any attack that hits them from the front will cause them to trip and die. Lobbed-shots, spikes, and Lightning Reed arcs won't work to make him trip. Peas, Laser Bean, Citron, and mostly any other plants will.


  • Time Reverser Plant (Name WIP): Undoes the last 10 seconds of the level(except for this plant's usage) for you to fix whatever went wrong. Instant effect. I don't plan for this one to be expensive, but maybe there should be something to counterbalance that.
  • Spread Recycling Leaves (Name WIP): Takes a zombie corpse in nearby range(4x4) and decomposes it in 5 seconds. The more health the zombie had(while at full health), the more sun will be given(1 hit point=1 sun)(Chickens give no sun). There's a cap of 150 sun for anything with more than 150 health(like a Gargantuar). Sun is given in approximate multiple of 25. Or 10 if it's closer.


  • Delayed Zombie: Generic zombies, gimmick explained in the Level Gimmick section.
  • ProcastiBot Slantineer: Delayer rocket-holding landowner of the procrastinated hills

It's-a-me, ProcastinatorMan. You get to fight me. But it's not easy, rest assured. The devilish zombies from here come to destroy you, and a few from other worlds. Indeed: Explorers, Pirate Captains, Imp Cannons, Zombie Bulls, Chicken Wranglers, Gargantuar Primes, Mecha-Football Zombies, and anything that comes to your mind when you hear the words "annoying zombie" are spawned. The phases of health only mean a decrease in the delay between movement and attacks. It doesn't end there though. Charges, missiles, and the incorporated Imp Cannon firing Bug Bots isn't even close to how it goes, even though it's still there. If you still like having hope, how about occassionally laying a container with 0.0000001 miligrams of antimmater close to your plants? The container deteriorates quickly, exposing the antimatter to the air, which is made of matter, and causes an explosion that kills plants in a 4x4 range EVEN if they have their Plant food effects going. The rockets are fired at fast rates with pinpoint accuracy. Don't expect plants to live when the gatling rocket launcher fires. ProcastinatorMan generally delays himself, but now he delays your plants. While you give a plant Plant Food, the ProcastiBot will delay the effect and move away and placing protective gear. Take THAT! And finally, the slantineering. The ProcastiBot creates a trap pit, and slants the ground to the left of it and the plants fall to the hole.