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The Story

One day, Blover and Starfruit were hanging around. Then Blover said, "You know, ever since the master got addicted with Survival: Endless, he never uses us anymore. Not because he doesn't like us, but because he knows we are not worth the seed slot."

Starfruit replied, "Yeah. We can't really stop the master from playing Survival: Endless for the rest of his PvZ days. But we can stop being forced to rely on spending the rest of our lives in the Zen Garden. Nothing wrong with the place, but I wouldn't like to spend a whole half"(oxymoron on purpose),"of my life inside that Zen Garden. So let's get at least one adventure"

Blover responded, "Yeah. Well, the neighbor's Blover has someone who can lend us a blimp. We can then see many places from above. If that will be the last excitement of our lives, then let it be that. But it WILL happen. Let's go."

With no argument, the request was accepted. For 3 days, Blover and Starfruit could ride on a blimp to wherever they wanted too. But when the 3 days would pass, they would return a blimp, preferably the one they used(though not necessarily).

As Blover and Starfruit were riding, a storm arised, and despite Blover's efforts, the blimp fell on a portal to a magical pillow land.

(Day 2)

The next day, Blover and Starfruit woke up to find the blimp was deflated. Well, Blover could blow into the hole and Starfruit could find a way to patch it, except that the air was oxygen mixed with other stuff, and not helium. The blimp would be too heavy to fly. Also, the blimp was also far too heavy for Blover's and Starfruit's strength, even combined, was not enough to move it elsewhere. Strange idea as it may have been, the two searched together for helium somewhere. Upon their trip on foot, they wondered why the land was so soft. Ignoring this, they found some helium inside the cave(don't ask). However, a container, and the only one in the near proximity was guarded by two strange bears. Starfruit and Blover found no way to defeat them at the moment, so they searched. It turns out that the way to defeat them, is to wait for sunset, as they're weak enough at that moment. Waiting for sunset, and blowing away any balloons, Starfruit and Blover waited. Upon sunset, Blover and Starfruit fought. The battle was, actually, it wasn't very exciting. It was one-sided towards Stafruit and Blover. Stafruit and Blover then filled the container with helium. However, the sun had already set, and they couldn't fly at night. They were forced to find another cave, and didn't find it until about 11:00 MPLTZ(Magical Pillow Land Time Zone).

(Day 3)

At 9:00 A.M. MPLTZ, they woke up. The blimp was already filled somehow, so they simply took flight, hoping they could find an escape. However, it wasn't all fun, pillows, rainbows and sunshine. For an evil who had filled the blimp on purpose was on board. It was the Gargantuar. How it got here, was unknown, but Blover and Starfruit were forced to fight it. Blover blew at the Gargantuar, but it only delayed him. Starfruit shot at it, and it was nearly killed. Imp was blown back at Gargantuar, taking a notable fraction off its health. However, Gargantuar approached Stafruit. Blover being unable to PUSH Gargantuar, instead took the smash to protect Starfruit. Blover was dead, but Gargantuar was defeated and Starfruit was safe. When they came back home, Starfruit brought the bad news(Blover died). The master came, and saw Blover dead. However, this did not bring him down, and instead, he continued playing Survival: Endless, with more motivation than before. He noted the Blover seed packet no longer was there, perhaps because the main Blover wasn't either. Not questioning this, he kept playing, and used Starfruit from time to time, and eventually, memories of Blover no longer being there, went away with the wind.