It was a 2-flag Gargantuar+Poncho level. It was....okay I guess. I would talk about 100, but 100 was such an awful performance from my part that I should not even mention it happened.. So instead, enjoy proof I actually beat 101.


A few tips from experience:

  • Blover's gusts extends slightly more than Blover's existence, if even to blow away a Prospector that was only there for 1 second of Blover's existence.
  • Never try to take on a Gargantuar level in which any of the backmost three columns have minecarts.
  • Gargantuar+Bull is just awful to fight against. It may not sound hard, but it comes from the guy who was avoided by E.M.Peach and thus could only stun Bulls with Iceberg Lettuces. Yeah, try that when Cherry Bomb is what you need to take out Bulls without Tall-nuts, but you need Cherry for Gargantuars and Tall-nuts are one-shot by Gargantuars.
  • The 8th Seed Slot is a godsend here. Working with only 7 slots, you have to make some sacrifices, like whether to take Chili Bean or Iceberg Lettuce(they are both really important).
  • Take advantage that in every level you get one Plant Food per the amount of flags it dures.
  • Poncho Zombie and Pianist Zombie are not great threats, but it sucks to fight against them. Poncho Zombies are common bucketheads, and Pianist Zombies love messing up the setup phase(which is the hardest part of any non-Gargantuar level).
  • Practice that Blover timing. It can save you from a Prospector loss.
  • If there are either Prospectors or Gargantuars in the level, ALWAYS be aware of what's going onscreen. A Prospector might sneak behind your defenses if you aren't, and Gargantuars require special attention to be dealt with.