aka That Cherry Bomb With The Glasses

  • I live in Yes Town
  • I was born on October 22
  • My occupation is Approximately 40-something liters
  • I am not.
  • ProcastinatorMan

    I'm taking a break/retirement from this wiki. I keep my reasons undisclosed, and will keep them undisclosed. I will completely demote myself, and erase myself from pages like the Staff page and the Almanac of Records page. I am not leaving forever(possibly), but I am not visiting this place for a while. I'm not taking any risk with letting people comment. If for any reason an admin edits this blog to allow commenting, I just ask you a few things:

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  • ProcastinatorMan

    It was a 2-flag Gargantuar+Poncho level. It was....okay I guess. I would talk about 100, but 100 was such an awful performance from my part that I should not even mention it happened.. So instead, enjoy proof I actually beat 101.

    A few tips from experience:

    • Blover's gusts extends slightly more than Blover's existence, if even to blow away a Prospector that was only there for 1 second of Blover's existence.
    • Never try to take on a Gargantuar level in which any of the backmost three columns have minecarts.
    • Gargantuar+Bull is just awful to fight against. It may not sound hard, but it comes from the guy who was avoided by E.M.Peach and thus could only stun Bulls with Iceberg Lettuces. Yeah, try that when Cherry Bomb is what you need to take out Bul…

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  • ProcastinatorMan

    I decided to tackle this fan world thingamajig myself because why not. The world takes place after I conquer the world, which is about 30 years after Google did it. I have overcome Zomboss, and for you to return to your peaceful present you must pass my 8 trials of pain, with the 8th one being confronting my Juggernaut servant. 16 more trials await if you expect to get to fight me, but even more Juggernaut servants will come. Finally, the 25th one where you fight me.

    (This is a Work in progress and I don't completely intend to actually ever fully complete it but I may).

    Dave: Something about this doesn't look right. Looks like that school project I did in third grade the day I had to present it.

    Penny: Indeed, but I fear the last minute work …

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  • ProcastinatorMan

    (I am aware there may be spelling and grammar mistakes.)

    Peashooter: Sucks, don't use it except when you really have to.

    Sunflower: Twin Sunflower is superior in almost any aspect, only use it until you get the choice to use Twin Sunflower.

    Wall-nut: For holding off stuff while you still have to use Peashooter. Not worth a slot later on.

    Potato Mine: Early killer that works on everything except Chicken Wrangler Zombies. Hard to use as the level advances.

    Cabbage-pult: Sucks only slightly less than Peashooter but you actually have to get a card for it. Don't use it much.

    Bloomerang: Weak and AoE starts becoming pathetic. But it's kind of acceptable for very early levels.

    Iceberg Lettuce: Helpful for early level game and plant Food helps with late …

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  • ProcastinatorMan

    Climbing back up

    February 10, 2014 by ProcastinatorMan

    So, I have decided after some time being an admin that I believe myself to be in the conditions to be a bureaucrat again. Therefore, I request to have bureaucrat rights again. Green is not a creative color, but I can do with it. I also sure do hope I am welcomed back as a bureaucrat.

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