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it's CAPTION CONTEST Time! Back to the Past!

Hey Guys! 

While we waiting for Plants vs. Zombies 2: Garden Warfare. We're having for a another Caption Contest Again!

Put in your comment what do you say this picture:


What they doing while they sneaking the journal?

Story:  Crazy Dave ask Sunflower to keep his Diary(or Journal) while he's out. Wall-Nut and Peashooter want sneak Crazy Dave's Diary. Crazy Dave comes and he says "HEY!!! WHY DID YOU GUYS READ MY JOURNAL!?!?" Crazy Dave get mad, if Sunflower, Peshooter and Wall-Nut sneaking his diary. 

My Caption:

Wall-Nut: Something is written there? What is this?

Sunflower: Hey! That's Crazy Dave's Diary!

Wall-Nut: Oh! Should we sneak a peak?

Sunflower: No way! Crazy Dave will mad at us!

Wall-Nut: Oh, come on! Please....?

Sunflower: Alright, just...

Wall-Nut: Hey Peashooter! wanna read some diary lines?

Peashooter: What!? 

Sunflower: Just look at it a little bit. Dave wont know! He will mad at us.

(Later or After a while, Dave came back in)

Crazy Dave: HEY! WHY DID YOU GUYS READ MY DIARY????? (get Mad)

Peashooter and Wall-Nut: We didn't!!!

Crazy Dave: Sunflower, I told you to keep it! Not to read it!

So what is your caption?

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