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Unforgettable: Remembering bad problems around this wiki

Hey Guys... I want to say something different...

You know already about me. You know I'm your friend, but I'm not sure to be "with you". And also about something great or bad around this wiki...

About Me: I'm well behave, mild, nice and "so-called" friendly person. But, sometimes very annoyed, self-pity, and having depressed and emotional feelings... I did so wrong, like repeating the links I've posted during our chat, and making too much emotional blogs about I think wrong because, I'm afraid of your depression and madness at me. So, that's why...

I was wrong about EA because, I realized they're not bad at all. My old thread about EA and PopCap is just pretend to be hated to them and I just pretend to join boycot EA group... I started to like EA. I realized the all Video Games Company aren't charities. I still love PopCap. I know that thread is such ashame...

Also about MvZMw, you guys thought he's a bully. I wonder why he hates me and he always out of chat when I'm there, maybe because of my physical appearance and strange attitude(Reminds of Squidward and Mrs. Puff who are afraid of Spongebob due to his physical appearance). 

Maybe I was wrong about him. My old emotional blog is just making MvZMw became our friend. He's not just a rude and bully person, he's just very serious talking with his friends and having fun with them. Some of guys who are his friends, you know about him, he's very friendly to you.

Repeater1919 and Reapageddon are very mad at me due to what happened I did wrong, even about emotional blogs. I decided to apogized them but, I think it's not accepted anymore... 

I think "Say sorry" thing and Apologizes is getting TOO old and it's not useful anymore... If someone did you so bad, how can he/she do for you without apologizes?

And then, something's bad happen around this wiki. There are people spamming, vadalizing, and rage all about... Wintermelon43 leave forever and banned himself. And WMag & Carp are fight each other. I don't know why... Maybe because of me... about these problems I've done...  Thanks to me... :(

I give up myself... I'm about to give up my own dreams to became Game developer, Comic Author and Cartoon voice Actress.. 'My Science Teacher is right... All of you guys are the same as my classmates in real who are being neutral to me...


Orbacal and Guppie gave me some good advices. They told me to stay strong, believing myself, be friendly and don't give up. And they told me to don't make apologizes and emotional blogs. Because, it makes things worse.    


Do you want me to stay strong?

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