Hey, Guys! I just want you to tell something....

It’s been 5 years being a User in PvZ Wiki, is really fun and enjoy myself, especially commucating everyone talk with their ideas about the trivia of the Characters, upcoming new games and stuff and theories. I love to talk with everyone.

But, I want to tell the truth... Truth is… I hate having friends. Well... It is because, there are people who I met and I want to become friends with them… And then I think maybe they became bored of me or ignore me until I became of bored them. Now for me, if I’m new to the some places, it’s kinda hard to find one.

(Just like in Youtube when someone subscribe a user, likes their videos and keeping it then it became bored of it.... Said by MatPat from Game Theory)


There is someone in this wiki and they want me to become their friend because, I have a good talent for draw some epic things. I realized it’s not that you need to become your friend with a good talent; it only needs to show the personality.


I know this is a petty blog about me and my personal life.


At school since from elementary to now, my classmates are different than me and they care about each other as their best friends. Sometimes they care about me… And also they seriously mad at me about the bad things what I’ve done. They’re just very neutral to me. I think I’m a lower type person, and I don’t know who really my best friends are… Even my cousins, I don’t care they are my best friends; they’re just part of my family and they’re also different… I don’t care what my Mom said that having friends is part of growing up but how can I do that? I think there’s something dangerous about having friends, like taking a trip with them or a group of going together and then it goes bad will happen when my parents didn’t know where I am and they become miserable. Only I care about my family and I love taking trip with them and spend more having fun with them.


In this wiki… Well… You guys thought I’m a good person at the PvZ Chat. But sometimes, I’m really annoying to you about other things I’ve known or made it. If I’m sad, I always make Sad Blogs filled with self-pity issue, and getting quit by myself. I know it’s kind of disturbing... I also have to tell you the truth… In 2011, before I become a member of PvZ Wiki. I’m the one who edited about the wrong trivia on Dr. Zomboss page, like “having pet” and “when you killed him” . I know it’s kinda disturbing, embarrassed and confused to the readers. I’m sorry about that… I was too crazy with my imagination.


Besides that... You know, my old blog I made last year about what happened I’ve done… I thank to Orbacal, Uglyfish and Repeater1919 who gave a good advice and I just want to stand up tall to any hate. But, there’s no people in the wiki said “get rid of your old problems because, it’s done already”. No one can say that. I still have Anxiety about the Past problem in real life, especially in this wiki… I feel like problematic and worrying about my future. I can’t stand to get rid of them. My mom told me to forget about it and keep going forward.


Anyway… I thank you guys for making fun with me. But, there are only some people who knows that I’m a good person and care about me are, Milesprower2, MasterNinja, Wintermelon42, Orbacal, Uglyfish, IMCR8Z and Buzzy Buzz. I don’t care you guys said about me that “I’m a good artist”, “You have a good drawing” or something like that. So, if you guys want me as your friend, it’s your choice as you like it.

As your friend, it’s okey if you didn’t add me in your friend list because, I don’t like to ask you with that. And of course, I also care about you guys and like you since I am not your friend, just a member of this wiki.

And so, It’s okey… Just fine :)

(No one is perfect… We supposed to be not being alone, just stay feel better…)


Anyway, my birthday? See at my Profile page. Just because, I don’t want to tell you.