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Special Game: Caption Contest in HALLOWEEN EDITION!

Happy Halloween, Everyone!

Put in your comment what do you say this picture:

DSC 0000047

(Whoa! This is Hillarious!) What these guys doing?

Story: In Halloween, Crazy Dave dressed as Dr. Zomboss and Dr. Zomboss dressed as Crazy Dave. Somehow, they meet together and said: "What the? WHY YOU DRESSED LOOK LIKE ME?!?!"

Well, I think looks like body swap to me. LOL!

My Caption:

Crazy Dave: Hey! (look at Dr. Zomboss is dress looks like him)

Dr. Zomboss: What the?!?(look at Crazy Dave is dress looks like him)

Crazy Dave and Dr. Zomboss: WHY YOU DRESSED LOOK LIKE ME!?!?

AND...... What is your Caption?

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