Sorry... Guys.... I mess up everything... :(... 

By the way... While we waiting for new additional levels like, "Far Future" and new updates of PvZ 2... 

Let's have a new Caption Contest Time! :D

(WARNING: There was an Art Theft named, Zunzun654... Who stole my drawings from my Old Caption Contests... Please, check deviantArt gallery  her deviantArt gallery  that she will stole this drawing from my new Caption Contest in this PvZ Wiki!)

Let's START!

Want some Tea, Dave

What you say about my drawing?


Crazy Dave got a flu after he watch the plants battled the zombies last night(from Sick Zombie???)... He's good a little bit... So, the plants are at Dave's front yard to battle the zombies, and Sunflower, Peashooter and Wall-Nut can take care of him...

My Caption:

Peashooter: Hi, Dave!

Dave: Hey!  What are you guys doing here?

Sunflower: We brought you some tea! We made it! :)

Wall-Nut: Yeah... It's made of Green Leaves! :)

So... What is your caption, guys? :)