Hey, Guys. I'm back again! While we waiting for PVZ 2.

We have another caption contest!

Put in your comment what do you say this picture:

MM's comic4

What happened this story?

Synosis: Dr. Zomboss steals Crazy Dave's voice for his experimentCrazy Dave can't talk anymore without his voice, and he will never tell the weaknesses to homeowner. He became sad. In Dave's house, Sunflower ask Repeater to what happened to him. Repeater said that Crazy Dave's voice is stolen by Dr. Zomboss. Sunflower, Peashooter and Wall-Nut go out to get Dave's voice back.

My Caption:

Repeater: Hurry Guys! Get that Dave's voice back! I'll take care of him. 

Peashooter: We got it, Repeater!

Sunflower: Don't worry, Dave. We'll get your voice back. (Dave get worried and he agreed)

Wall-Nut: Let's go guys!

(Meanwhile at Zomboss's Lab)

Dr. Zomboss: HAHAHA!!! I finally got Dave's voice! He will never tell our weaknesses to homeowners!

Zomboni: So... What we going to do that?

Dr. Zomboss: Oh... Come on, let me think about it.

So... What is your caption?