While we waiting for PvZ 2.

We have a another caption contest!

Let’s Start:

MM's Comic2

What happened in this picture?

Synosis: The plants are losing and surrender, Dr. Zomboss kills them all the plants (Dave got shocked). Then, Dave is taken by Dr. Zomboss to space to DIE! Dave is runs out of air after holding his breath too long. At that moment, a horrified Crazy Dave wakes up in his bed. Though relieved that it was only a dream. Dave tells to Sunflower, Peashooter, and Wall-Nut about his nightmare.

Dave realized it can be true?(Princess Skitty: Crazy...)

My Caption:

Dr. Zomboss: Farewell, Dave! This is your end! And no somebody can stop me! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

{Dave immediately awakens in his bed, frightened by his nightmare}

Dave: (GASP!!!) Man, it was just a dream... It couldn't be? (Look at the clock) WHAT!? IT'S 3 O' CLOCK AM!?!?!?

(Note: Sorry, This is my caption and I have don't have many words...)

So... what is your caption?