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I made Birthday Banner for Milesprower2!

I think that Milesprower's Birthday on May 11.. It's near! I told him to I want to make a Birthday Banner for Him:

Birthday Banner to Milesprower2 by Princess Kitty

Happy Birthday!

I wanted to add the User Friends in this wiki and also other characters:


User Friends

Princess Kitty (Me)

Milesprower2(as Tails)

Jackninja5 (as a robot)

Hoanganhminh(as a boy with glasses)

Brainulator9 (as Gary The Snail)


Big plants fan (as Peashooter with angry birds cap)

Other Characters:

Blue Birds from Angry Birds

Sonic from Sonic games Series


User Friends:





Other Characters:

Mario and Luigi

A Zombie and Dr. Zomboss

Yellow and Red Bird from AB

Lex the bookworm

Princess Peach

Sunflower and Peashoter and Wall-Nut

What do you think?

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