I'm QUIT playing PvZA now!

Because, I will START schooling TOMORROW! (You know..... I'm from Philippines.... My Summer Vacation is 2 months: April & May! ) 

In PvZA, I'm in Sweaty Palms level 7 now!


You guys have been playing PvZ Adventures so long???

If you're now in FAR LEVELS and Quest Givers has NEW request in PvZA.... TELL ME, what happen?!! or put them in new page in this wiki!

I'll be back soon! 'and 'Good Luck of playing PvZA on your summer! :)

'P.S:' I'll will wait for PvZ 2: It's About Time COMING JULY!!!

P.P.S: Good Luck for Minh  ... he's now in FAR LEVELS than Me!!!!  :D