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I Forgot to Say: I printed Ariq1144's Fanfics to read for FUN!

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Hi, Everyone!

I have to say something...

2 months ago after School Closes. I was print some Ariq1144's Fanfics. Because, My Mom took my phone that it has Fanfics Stories at night. Instead, I made a book contains Ariq1144's Fan Stories:

Ariq1144's Fanfics - Table of Contents

Table of Contents Page

(First Picture:)


By: "Ariq1144"

  1. Undefeatable---- Pg. 1
  2. MISSING: Magic Taco!-----Pg. 8
  3. Imp's Revenge!------ Pg. 18
  4. Haunted Dave ------ Pg. 20
  5. Cold as Dave ----- Pg. 30
  6. Nobody likes Garlic ------ Pg. 40
  7. Message(for Ariq1144)----- Pg. 47

And Of course I won't forget his name for how he made these awesome fanfics. And At least, I made a message for him:

Ariq1144's Fanfics - PKMae's Message

MESSAGE: "Thanks for the Awesome Stories, Ariq1144!" :D From PrincessKittyMae

Anyway, I forgot to ask Ariq1144 for copy his Stories into a homemade book. 

NOTE: My cover seems blank, only filled with Color Papers.

TO Ariq1144: "Sorry for copy these... I just like to read them everyday!"

Welp... I have to School Tomorrow!

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