Hi, everyone. 

I think I might leave this wiki now... I feel stupid... :( 

And MeVsZombiesMeWin is right, I did how many times I post about nonsense about PopCap... :'(

So,  I didn't feel so happy in this Wiki... it's all my fault... :'( So, I did this happen about...

TO MeVsZombiesMeWin: I bet you're happy without me. So, Enjoy with your old friends. Because, You fool me at my Username, start with "Princess"(It's not a royal word. It's just my Stagename and Username). 

TO IMCR8Z: I won't LEAVE you! :) Because, you're my great friend! :) I'll make some pictures for you! :) Isn't that okey?

TO Everyone from this Wiki: Just forget about me... So, I have my friends left from DeviantArt, instead(So, you don't CARE). The word "SORRY" is became old now... Because, Everyone will not accept my sorry anymore... :'(

TO Drek'TharSuperSwordMilesprower2, and Wintermelon43: Remember about "Pity-Kitty" Thing(Here's about it:

(Sings the last of "Do you want to build a Snowman") 

Sad smiley crying

Please, I know you're in there... ; People are asking where you've been... ; They said: "Have courage"... ; And I'm trying to... ; I'm out right here for you... Just let me in... ; We only have each other... ; It's just you and me... ; What are we gonna do...? ; Do you-... wanna build-... a-... Snowman...?